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Rose Petal Eye Spray
"I love how blue and clear my eyes look since using your rose spray. Itchy, red, burning eyes are no longer a problem, even in the Spring when my eyes used to bother me all of the time. I have even recommended its use to some of my patients".

B. M. ND- New Orleans, LA


Kidney Liver Rub
"Your Kidney & Liver Rub completely removed the pain in my kidney area that I always noticed when I did a cleanse. I now use it every day as a cleanser. I love the smell and the way it warms my lower back-it feels so good after a warm shower and before bed. It helps me relax and I think I sleep better the nights I use it this way."

M. R.- Chicago, IL

"I noticed a difference right away in the flow of urine, it was a strong stream as opposed to how I normally evacuated. I use it every day  it is so easy to rub across my lower back. I like the warming sensation and the smell is great.  I don't know if you know this or not but I have cleared up a sore throat and ear pain almost immediatelty when I massaged it on my glands behind my ears. Thank you for this great product."

M. S. -Daytona Beach, FL


"The blessed goodies came today, thank you. They are so beautiful, and so vibrant with healing light and love, each time imbibing the essense of them, in just opening the box.It is currently around 10 degrees. Nasya works wonders for us here; ears and nose."

M. C.-Waterloo, IA


Women's Formula
"I have noticed a tremendous difference in my wife's emotions and well-being over the course of time that she has taken the "Women's Formula" by Busy Day Go Ayurveda! We get along more often than not and she seems less burdened by everyday problems and obstacles. We enjoy each others company in a more seamless manner and she has a greater patience with both myself and our children! I can always tell if she's missed a daily dose:) I don't know much about women's hormones, but I can say that this has absolutely brought a "balance" to our relationship! This formula works!"

M.W.- Dallas, TX

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