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A very tasty dish used in Ayurvedic Cleanses for its many healing and cleansing properties. According to texts of ayurveda Urad Dahl increases the moistness of body tissues. It is sweet to taste and hot in potency. All of these properties help to normalize or calm vitiated vata. 

Imbalanced vata dosha causes many diseases of the mind and emotions, as well as digestive system dryness. According to principles of ayurveda vitiation of vata causes inflammation of tissues and initiates the sensation of pain. Urad dal normalizes vata with its anti inflammatory properties, strengthens the nervous system. helps to increase bulk of stools, and is a good liver stimulant. It is recommended in conditions like constipation and IBS. It is rich in protein and the iron content is good for improving hemoglobin count.

Yogic Urad Dahl with Spices

  • Urad Dahl also has action on the male reproductive system: Texts of ayurveda eulogize the aphrodisiac properties of black gram. It increases sperm count and sperm motility.(Increases quality and quantity of semen). It is very effective in erectile dysfunction (impotence) and premature ejaculation

    It's action action on the female reproductive system includes alleviating dysmenorrhea and primary amenorrhea and increasing milk secretion in lactating mothers.
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