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Yoga Nidra 
Yoga Nidra is a methodical relaxation process which induces true relaxation while maintaining consciousness. In normal sleep, consciousness is absent and the unconscious is in charge. In Yoga Nidra the consciousness directs the unconscious to relax. This achieves complete relaxation and releases unwanted patterns from the unconscious. These unwanted patterns (samskaras) are not completely released in normal sleep and can cause illness and dysfunction in conscious life. Yoga Nidra has been developed from the Ancient Tantras.

Yoga Nidra CD

  • Outline of the Practice
    The Yoga Nidra practice is given by a teacher or guide. The guide can be present in person or on a recorded CD. The length of the practice is usually 20-45 minutes. This CD is 45 minutes long with audible instructions and soft background music. It is best to practice in a quiet place where no interruptions can take place. A meditation room is ideal. It may also be used to induce sleep although the Ancient Yogic practice is typically used to acheive awakening.

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