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Apply to pulse points before a meal to suppress appetite
Research has shown that the 10 essential oils used in this formula release serotonin and inform your brain that you have eaten enough and are full. Precious essential oils such as rose, neroli, and ylang ylang lend an air of luxury to this oil.

Weight Loss Bliss Pulse Point Oil

  • Aromatherapy can play a big part in stress reduction, balanced heart rate, and hunger control all because of its inter-relationship with the limbic system. Whether the oils are massaged into the skin or inhaled, the odor molecules will travel to their limbic destination and create the appropriate neurochemicals to affect a physical response.

    The formulation of essential oils in Busy Day Go! Ayurveda's Weight Loss Bliss have also been shown through research to work in this same manner, through the limbic system, on cellulite control and clearing abuse and trauma from the energy field.

    Use of essential oils in Ayurvedic Medicine give different approaches and different models to support weight loss and weight maintenance. Many Busy Day Go! Ayurveda clients enjoy using Weight Loss Bliss in conjunction with Anti-Cellulite Rub to get bathing suit ready for Summer. Try this powerful duo this Summertime!
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