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A Pancha Karma treatment. This treatment is generally prescribed twice a year, in the spring and again in the fall to balance, purify, and treat the 14 nadis, which is the Ayurvedic Meridian System. The main way to treat the nadis is to treat their aperture or point of exit. This is done through massage, application of Brahmi oil, sandalwood paste, triphala ghee, or heat therapy. With this treatment all of the pranas and energies are balanced; emotional, mental, energetic. 
The Treatment of the 14 Nadis is generally used for: Symptoms of Stress, Allergies, Digestive disorders, Stomach problems, Headache, Cloudy thinking or perception, Depression, Inability to quiet the mind or focus, Reproductive disorders, Menopause symptoms, Earaches, Infections, Eye or vision problems.

Treatment of the 14 Nadis

  • This treatment brings a complete sense of balance...balanced body, balanced mind. If you feel scattered in your energy, or "out of sorts" try this treatment to help you feel more like YOU.
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