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Busy Day Go! Ayurveda stresses the importance of boosting immune function and protecting your ambient environment in this present time. Many are finding that now is the time to begin using healthy alternative preventative treatments and products. Keep immunity strong by eating healthy food, getting enough rest and adding these natural aids to your lifestyle. All of our products are free of harmful side effects. These products come from the original health care system of Ayurveda. The time tested wisdom of this ancient and very effective medicine speaks for itself. All products are made in the traditional way using Mantra. Yantra, healing sound vibration and the highest quality organic materials possible. The following 7 items have been chosen to give the quickest acting immune boosting and protective qualities and have been put together in a convenient smaller sized kit saving you both time and money.

Strengthen & Protect Kit

  • Tulsi and Jatamansi in Honey Formula-Treats high stress, excessive thoughts, anxiety and used to promote deep sleep. quiet and calm the mind, recover from trauma, strengthen immunity.
    Shakti Tea-stress relief & immune system boost, washes one’s energetic field, and soothes and heals those that feel overly burdened. It also assists with negative “self-talk,” and clears toxins and from the body, relieves sore throat, runny nose and blocked bronchial tubes. Fights chest infection, re-establishes normal bacterial population of the intestines, relieves inflammation. Works as a remedy for all kidney/liver problems including sluggishness and constipation. Cleanses the liver and gall bladder and promotes bile flow,strengthens nervous system, relieves insomnia, depression and fatigue
    Protective Oil contains essential oils shown to have protective properties against viral, bacterial, and fungal microbes as well as the abilities to boost the immune function. It is Busy Day Go! Ayurveda's version of the popular Robber's oil with less of a possibility of creating over stimulation of the senses and skin irritation.
    Protective Mist-Perfect for use in the Flu and Cold Season or when any threat of air borne illnesses are at a high level. Boosts immune function. Important to have on hand for air travel.
    Lymphatic Detox Spray -Spray freely to help to purify and fortify lymphatic system and blood. This formula helps boost immune function while strengthening the nervous and RES system. Daily use cleanses and rejuvenates kidneys.
    Peaceful Sleep Rub-Massage a small amount on hands and feet before retiring to aid deep sleep and eliminate insomnia. Essential oils in this formula calms muscles and nerves, relaxes the mind, inspires hope and faith, and releases fear and nervous tension.
    Kidney-Liver Rub- daily use improves lymphatic circulation, inhibits formation of cholesterol, improves ability to break down carcinogens.
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