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Use daily prevent and more intensely to soften and break up kidney and gallbladder stones. A unique blend of 7 of Ayurveda's most powerful herbs combine to strengthen, flush and cleanse kidneys, liver, spleen, and gallbladder. Increases bile production. Even when stones are broken up or removed surgically they can reform. Use this formula to prevent re-occurrence as well as to help soften and crush present stones. 

Stone Crusher Complex

  • Contains the powerful herb Bhumyamalaki known in Ancient Ayurvedic Medicine as "the stone crusher" Take 1 capsule daily as a preventative, 3 capsules daily to soften and break up stones. Use in conjunction with Gallbladder Rub, Kidney-Liver Rub, and Lymphatic Detox Garsana. Cleanses the gallbladder, spleen and
    liver, corrects digestive system and metabolic system. Dissolves both kidney and gallstones and with regular use keeps stones from forming. Increases bile juices and improves both gallbladder and liver function.
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