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Using Yogic Techniques, sound healing, essential oils, and the breath, together we awaken the Voice of Your Soul so that you can live your life to its fullest. In the Yogic perspective depression, apathy, sadness, guilt, and shame are expressions of a disconnect with Soul.

In these readings, you have a direct connection to your Soul. You will FEEL the grace of your Soul so deeply, it often times brings one to tears. Through the grace of these Yogic teachings I am able to become the liaison between your Soul and your conscious mind.

This powerful connection back inward into the power of Who You Really Are often brings people to tears because it is such a sacred connection. You have a deep bond with your Soul like a parent to its child. In a Soul Reading, you are reacquainted with your Soul and your Soul is given a Voice again and that is truly amazing. Most of the session is sharing with you the wisdom and guidance that your mind and heart want clarity on. You then have time to ask any questions that come up that you would like clarity on.

In the second part of the reading, you will learn how to get in touch with your own Soul and practice asking questions, and hearing and receiving answers. This is always so incredible and humbling.

Soul Reading (1 hour)

  • In a Soul Reading, you will learn how to tune into your own precious Soul for guidance, encouragement, and deep answers to your most difficult questions. Time-tested Yogic Techniques are employed to tune into and deliver messages to you that your soul wishes for you to hear. In the first part of the reading we able to connect to your soul where I simultaneously see, hear, feel and know what your Soul is here to do and what it has to share with you.

    During this hour long reading you will learn these techniques to get back in touch with your Soul so that you can become empowered once again to live your life from the Voice of your Soul.
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