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Unique to Ayurveda, the traditional forehead oil shower consists of a slow steady stream of warm, individually blended medicated oil applied to the forehead in the third eye region. The patterns and blended oils used will depend on your dosha imbalances. Shirodhara induces an alpha state in the brain and complete relaxation. The nervous system is soothed, pineal and pituitary glands balanced while the body is flooded with pleasure neurotransmitters. There is a sense of grounding which greatly improves Vata imbalances and induces deep sleep. Relieves insomnia, asthma, enlarged prostate, nervous system disorders, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, schizophrenia, and epilepsy. This treatment has made its place in upscale spas as of late. Treat yourself for a fraction of the cost. Note~please make arrangements for someone to drive you home. 


  • Shiro opens up and clears out accumulated toxins from the body, irritants, physical impurities, energy channels (nadis), mental thought patterns, toxic thought, and negative emotions (kleshas) are even more valuable today than ever, not just as an augmentation of hatha yoga asana practice where the body can move more freely and unobstructed, but toward opening of the energy body, activating our creative/evolutionary potential, alleviating the past resistances to the clear thinking of a open mind, and the enlightened activity of the unburdened and boundless open heart.
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