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"Stones are alive, but they are in a sweet coma." -Dr. Lad. Stone massage is an ancient, form of therapeutic bodywork using hot and cold stones as extensions of the hand. It is a harmonious collaboration of healing energies between client, therapist, the divine and the stones. The beauty of this therapy is manifested by the transference of deep compassion and trust between therapist and client. This compassion becomes imprinted within the matrix of each stone. Pointed stones will be used as tools for deeper muscle massage. Round, flat stones are laid as balancing agents upon specific energetic centers along the body. Smooth, velvety stones are heated in water, then glided with firm pressure along oiled, sore muscles. Cooled sea coral stones refresh the face, refine pores and soothe sinuses. Stone therapy can bring about deep tissue release and alignment of the body, mind, and spirit. The heat of the stones soften tension and melt worries. 

Shila Abhyanga-Hot Stone Massage

  • The purpose of stone massage is to anchor the root chakra and the second chakra of the body. These chakras help our bodies stay connected to the earth. Many in our society, feel disconnected, rushed, over stimulated with caffeine and stressed out. The warmth, energy and texture of the stones help distract us from our busy, scattered minds, imparting a quiet focus. 50 minutes
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