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In this unique, yet Ancient Healing Technique, tension from all parts of your body will be reduced, the glandular system will be stimulated you will be immersed in deep relaxation
The gong is known as an instrument of transformational power. It is a tool by which we are engulfed in total sound, and through our intuition, we are brought back to optimum health and balance. The gong is a supportive tool for the manifestation of our harmonious physical, mental, and emotional being. The OM tone of the gong creates total silence within. The sustained tone of a gong creates timelessness. The building of its tone combinations create a sense of levitation or lightness; we feel it in our body, as well as hear it. This "musical touch," of hearing through the ear of the body itself, creates a sense of ecstasy or well-being. Through gonging, we are able to lose the sense of identity with our body as a physical object. We are no longer limited to a 3rd dimensional material world, but are taken to a fourth dimensional dream body. When we are in a 4th dimensional dream body, there is less interference between our egoic consciousness and our more evolved innate intelligence. Our innate intelligence is the consciousness, creating perpetual DNA-repair while we are alive. In the completely meditative state of being awake while completely asleep (the 4th dimensional gong experience), we increase the re-youthing potential of the innate intelligence without going into unconsciousness. The personal ego is then able to attain a state of non-judgment or neutrality. This is the state of total body/mind harmony where all healing is possible. Guru Ravi Has been trained in 5th Dimensional Healing.

Sacred Sound Gong Healing (1 hour)

  • Through this unique and personal healing session the grey matter of the brain is re-patterned. Many describe this experience as being completely broken open and lifted up into a celestial choir of angels. It is truly an amazing experience of the deepest healing,
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