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Panchakarma Detoxifies the Body and Mind

Enjoy s 5 Day retreat filled with healthy delicious food, supplements and cleansing, relaxing, and very pleasurable massage treatments to detox and heal.

When ama(toxins) accumulate in the body, they block the flow of energy, information, and nourishment throughout the system. Ayurveda considers this build-up of toxins the underlying cause of all disease. A common example of this is the accumulation of saturated fat and cholesterol that is beyond the body’s capacity to metabolize. Over time, this leads to the blockage of the blood vessels and arteries and, ultimately, to heart attacks.

While it’s easy to understand agni and ama in terms of food, it’s important to remember that your mind and heart are continually digesting energy and information as well. Right now your mental digestive powers are working to break down these ideas into components that your intellect can assimilate. Similarly, your emotional agni is responsible for processing your experiences and feelings, including the smile of a loved one, unexpected criticism at work, or the excitement of a new relationship.
If your emotional agni is strong, you are able to extract whatever is nourishing and eliminate the rest.

The inability to metabolize emotions, however, produces just as much toxic residue as undigested food.

In fact, pent-up anger, long-held sadness, and lingering guilt are more debilitating for most people than problems with physical digestion.

If we want to experience optimal health, it is crucial to maintain a strong digestive fire and eliminate toxins from the body. Panchakarma is a time-proven natural therapy that detoxifies and restores the body's inner balance and vitality.

Purification Therapy/ Pancha Karma (5 Days)

  • Based on your specific needs and goals, Guru Ravi will custom-tailor your Pancha Karma Retreat for you including:
    Panchakarma Treatments including Royal Panchakarma
    Special Diet
    Pulse Reading and Tongue Diagnosis each day
    Dosha Assessment daily
    Urine analysis
    Ayurvedic Yoga
    Ayurvedic Psychology
    Meditation Instruction
    Pranayama (breathing techniques)
    Herbal Medicine
    Structured Therapies

    Room and board are separate fees and may be arranged individually. Contact Busy Day Go! Ayurveda for a list of hotels with kitchenettes in the area.

    How to Book Panchakarma
    Step 1: Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions regarding Panchakarma, such as details, cost and availability.
    Step 2: Schedule an Initial Consult with Guru Ravi to discuss your health goals and concerns and to create a plan. This can be done in person or over the phone. It is preferable to schedule a few consults over the course of a few months prior to starting Panchakarma, particularly if you are new to holistic health and Ayurveda. This time of preparation will maximize your benefits.
    If you are excited to start Panchakarma as early as possible, Guru Ravi requires a minimum of one Initial Consult at least 2 weeks prior to your start date and one pre-Panchakarma Consult at least 1 week prior to your start date.
    Step 3: Schedule your Panchakarma dates. This can be done at the same time as scheduling your initial consult with Guru Ravi.
    Step 4: Place a 50% deposit to secure your reservation as soon as your preferred date is validated.
    Guru Ravi looks forward to talking with you and supporting you through your Panchakarma experience!

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