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Purification, Shodhana, is a special form of elimination therapy. It is the elimination of the disease-causing Doshas. Pancha Karma Therapy is a system for guiding toxins to their site of elimination. Merely to flush out various organs or systems of the body may not be effective, if the toxins have not been first directed to these sites. Pancha Karma is applied to prevent Dosha’s from accumulating as part of a health maintenance and longevity promotion treatment. PK essentially reverses the disease process. Owing to the subtle nature of it’s process PK penetrates deep into the nervous system. To obtain optimum results a specific diet is followed for 3 days prior to treatment and treatments are given in a particular order for 5 consecutive days. Rejuvenation of the mind (Brahma Rasayana) 3 days post treatment; is perhaps the oldest and most important part of Ayurvedic Therapy. Meditation, pranayama, chanting, and spending time in silence is an important part of the treatment as it is believed in yoga that all disease arise from the mind. Therefore it is important that you choose a time that you will be able to spend in quiet reflection, meditation, and relaxation to achieve optimum results. 

Purification Therapy/ Pancha Karma (11 Days)

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    I understand and agree that:
    1. The fee for my Panchakarma program is $3495.00 for 11 days of treatments
    2. Said fee includes preliminary consultation/instructions/Purva, Pancha, and Uttara Karma/yoga/meditation instruction/herbs/oils during the program.
    3. Dates scheduled are fully reserved and guaranteed with a non refundable 50% deposit of $1747.50. Remainder is due once initial consultation is schedlued.
    4. Once my dates are scheduled I can only change them once with a $250 change fee. Dates may not be changed again without forfeiture of entire fee including a second deposit with a 3rd re-schedule.
    5. Room and board are separate fees and may be arranged individually. Contact Busy Day Go! Ayurveda for a list of hotels with kitchenettes in the area.
    6. Staples of a Panchakarma diet are provided and must be prepared by you unless otherwise arranged for an additional fee.
    7. If I choose to end my treatment before my scheduled Panchakarma, or refuse a treatment, I will not receive any refund and will be asked to sign an additional contract form releasing Busy Day Go! Ayurveda of any medical liability created in ending a PK program early, or refusing treatment.
    8. It is my desire to receive Panchakarma treatment, and I accept any and all risks associated with Panchakarma therapies.known and unknown, and assume complete liability
    9. I waive any and all claims based on physical, emotional and mental condition, whether past, present, or future.
    10. I have read, understood, and agree to all of the above. I agree that if for any reason I choose to stop my program at anytime. Signature required.
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