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Common physical symptoms of PTSD are: aches 
and pains throughout the body, sudden sweating or heart
palpitations, an ability to be easily startled, changes in
sleep patterns and appetite, and an increase in other
illnesses such as colds and influenza. Common emotional
symptoms are: fear, anxiety, outbursts of anger and rage
difficulties concentrating or remembering, depression,
survivor guilt, emotional numbing, and detachment from
the world around you.

Post Traumatic Stress Pulse Point Oil

  • The use of these essential oils has been associated
    with reduced stress, enhanced relaxation, decreased
    anxiety, improved well being, relief of psychosomatic
    symptoms and alleviation of some emotionally-related
    disorders.Apply to wrist, behind the ear, and at the base of the skull to calm the nervous system, aid sleep, and calm the mind.If you have experienced traumatic situations, you may be at risk for developing PTSD.
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