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Busy Day Go! Ayurveda recommends having the following on hand this season to reduce Pitta imbalances and begin to address Vata influences (Fall). Now is the time to begin using healthy preventative treatments and products. The following items are an important part of your Pitta-Vata Balancing Regime and have been put together in a convenient smaller sized kit saving you both time and money. The kit contains 7 different items to help you stay healthy in this Seasonal transition.

Rose Petal Amalaki Eye Spray
Hibiscus Tea
Summer Kicheree
Neem Turmeric Geranium Salve
Kidney-Liver Rub

Pitta Vata Season Transition Kit

  • Each season aggravates or pacifies a dosha. (for example; if you were not careful to balance the Pitta Seasonal Dosha Summer), you may be paying the price now with skin rashes, allergies, memory related problems, Fibromyalgia, Hyperacidity, nose bleeds, breakouts, gall bladder/kidney problems, PMS, Heart disease/attack, eye problems, or RLS. In the summer, the digestive strength weakens in an attempt to not overheat the body, and survive a long hot summer. Depending on where you live in the country you may still very well be in the ending cycle of the Pitta Season.
    If your predominant dosha type is Pitta then it is especially important to be extra diligent in keeping Pitta in check. Common characteristics of Pitta body types include medium physique, strong, well built, clear mind, good concentration, orderly, focused, assertive, and self confident.
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