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A special blend of organic coconut oil, cocoa, shea, mango and kokum butters, with a generous amount of essential oils known for their ability to relieve stress, induce relaxation and calm the mind preparing it for a deep sleep. Massage feet & hands before retiring or napping to promote deep, restful sleep. Combine with Peaceful Sleep Spray and Capsules for the best sleep of your life! As we approach Vata Season, imbalances may manifest such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, dry skin, arthritis, constipation, and hypertension. All doshas can technically have vata imbalances during this season, although vata types need to be especially aware of this predisposition. Peaceful Sleep Products specifically address Vata concerns.

Peaceful Sleep Rub

  • 2 ounce jar. Will last 2-4 months depending on how often it is used. Just a small amount amount is needed.
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