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Palo Santo is a sacred tree that grows on the coast of South America.Palo Santo or "Holy wood" has been used as far back as the Incas in Sacred ceremony to Energetically heal and cleanse negativity. It is energetically healing and cleansing, it raises your energetic vibration to help prepare the mind for meditation and a deep connection to Source. It enhances creativity, calms the mind and the nervous system and brings about deep relaxation and sound sleep.Perfect both for these emotional times and seasonal maladies as it also aids colds and coughs. This unique blend heals physical as well as emotional pain.

Palo Santo Pulse Point Oil

  • Massage pressure, pulse points with a few drops of this sacred oil to heal emotional pain, uplift the Spirit. Especially useful in the present energetic times. It relieves inflammation, aids cough and cold, and heals physical pain in the body.

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