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This unique, weighted tuning fork vibrates at a frequency that can penetrate mamsa and asthi (muscle & bone) therefore it is one of the few tuning forks used on the physical body for healing, while also accessing the emotional, mental and/or spiritual energy layers/bodies of the energy field (aura).

The ancient people of India were given this tone of OHM intuitively in meditation as they opened up to the Cosmos. The sitar and tambura music are tuned to this keynote. This keynote is called "sadja" or the "father of the others", the everlasting, never-ceasing tone. It is the frequency of the soul.

Ohm Tuning Fork-weighted

  • Vibration Therapy stimulates PRANA and new neuro-pathways of communication which may then unfold the inner pharmacy of Ayurveda. In this way Inner Healing takes place readily and rapidly.
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