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Netra Tarpana is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment and is normally performed as part of Ayurvedic Panchakarma.

I also offer this treatment as a stand alone therapy.

Netra Tarpana cools, lubricates, and rejuvenates the eyes, improves inner vision, and clears subtle channels associated with inner and outer perception. It helps to bring back brightness and clarity to the eyes as impurities are expelled. Netra Tarpana is also used to aid early formation of cataract, Glaucoma, Chronic Conjunctivitis, itching, burning, redness and dry eye, while promoting deep relaxation.

Netra Tarpana Treatment

  • In this treatment a medicated dough dam is built around the eyes and warm medicated ghee (depending on the patients dosha) is poured over the eyes and held in place for a certain amount of time (also depending on dosha) Afterwards the ghee is removed and medicated rose water is poured over the eyes to flush them out.

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