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Lepa Tarpana - Medicinal Plasters-Spinal Tarpana   

Ayurveda’s most important method for reducing painful, inflammatory conditions. A warm medicated paste is made into a plaster and applied for up to 1½ hours. The thickness of the plaster, location, and medications used will depend on your Ayurvedic Consultation.and pulse diagnosis  One of the most important treatments in a Panchakarma Retreat. Used in brain and spinal disorders, head and neck disease, nervous system disorders, kidney, liver disease, and to heal ulcers, cleanse blood, reduce pain and swelling, heal grief and sadness, and balance all Doshas.

Lepa Tarpana Treatment

  • Additional plasters may be used depending on medical concerns or imbalances.
    $125/Spinal Tarpana


    $50 each additional plaster.

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