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This formula of 5 precious oils in a base of luxurious tsubaki oil, allows one to connect with Soul.Use 1 drop on each energy center (housed in the Sushumna-astral spine) in times of emotional strain and grief to soothe and ease Heart and Mind; bringing acceptance and Deep Peace. 5 precious essential oils, including Rose,Sandalwood, and Frankincense, known to soothe emotions and encourage peace. Use also to soothe Kundalini Rising by placing one drop at the base of the spine and one drop at the base of the skull to help integrate and soften the experience.

Kundalini Rising Oil

  • At this present time more are experiencing an awakening, quickened through the practice of yoga, meditation, or just through the practice of awareness. As an aid to this rising energy Busy Day Go! has created a product that will soothe and soften and help integrate this experience.
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