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Everything you need to begin a quick and easy healing, rejuvenating week long cleanse is put together in this kit. All organic, all lovingly prepared, and shipped right to your door with instructions. Kicheree, Vedic Spice Churna, Ghee, Basmati Rice, Yogi Spice Tea.

Kicheree Cleanse Kit

  • This delicious healing food of Ayurvedic Medicine consists of split yellow mung beans called dahl, and white basmati rice cooked together with ghee and mild spices. In fact, kicheree may well be the most perfect therapeutic recipe of all because it detoxifies the entire system, while kindling the body's digestive fires called '˜agni.' Unlike other fasts or restricted diets, following an exclusive diet of kicheree with the addition of some steamed or roasted seasonal vegetables mid-day, supplies all the bodies' nutritional needs and will cause no nutritional deficiencies
    The benefits of kicheree to enhance the treatment of disease are well documented. Thus it is widely prescribed as the primary food in Panchakarma, the Ayurvedic cleansing therapy. It is generally recognized by systems of natural medicine throughout the world, that the majority of all diseases begins in the stomach with faulty digestion. Kicheree acts to strengthen and heal digestion.
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