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With the Yogic-Ayurvedic Cleanse you give yourself 6 days of Sattvic (purifying) foods and activities to cleanse yourself of the Tamasic (dull, toxic) elements in your life. This will allow your body and mind to rejuvenate, regulate and heal. Through this process, you can eliminate old patterns and make room to elevate the spirit to create a healthier you. The skin and eyes will glow with a new high level of radiant health!

Individual Ayurvedic Cleanse Package

  • The Individual Cleanse Provides the following:
    *a 6 day program of nutritious vegan, alkaline foods
    *cleansing spices
    *Abhyanga Massage Oil to detox and strengthen the body
    *a special Panchakarma shodana healing tonic
    *Lymphatic Detox essential oil spray
    *healing and cleansing tonics and teas to balance all doshas
    *Uniquely prepared kidney and liver detox oil
    *Kala Namak a very cleansing black salt which rejuvenates body tissue
    *nutritional counseling (via e-mail)
    *Kundalini Yoga and Meditation instructions to help rid the body/mind of emotional toxins
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