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Hello Gorgeous!

Eyebrow & Lash Thickener

As we age our hair begins to thin and lose it's strength. Our eyebrows and eyelashes are no different. We are accustomed to applying special oils such as Busy Day Go! Ayurvedas' Bhrigaraj & Bacopa to our scalps but tend to forget our lashes and brows. This unique formula comes in a mascara tube with brush for easy application and purity. ALL of BDG! Ayurveda products are organic and created with love and care.

Hello Gorgeous!

  • This unique formula uses the best Ayurvedic herbs

    and 3 different base oils to thicken and strengthen

    brows and lashes. 8 essential oils added to the mix to

    increase effectiveness. Apply to lashes and brows

    nightly to increase growth, strengthen and thicken

    eyelashes/eyebrows. Bring back that youthful look.

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