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Strengthens Heart and Awakens Soul. A delightful blend of Rose, Lotus Leaf, Lavender, Hibiscus, Red Clover and other herbs blended with Ayurvedic Spices which are known to stimulate lymph flow, balance blood sugar, decrease high blood pressure, calm the mind and alleviate restlessness, heart palpitations and insomnia. stimulates spleen and pancreas, regulates both sugar and water metabolism. It prevents mucus formation and aids in digestion of dairy products. Promotes circulation, aids weight loss, gladdens the heart, helps open the mind and senses.Treats estrogen imbalances,boosts immunity, and strengthens bones. Rose is specifically used for breast health in Ayurveda.

Heart & Soul Tea

  • It is very light, pure, cleansing, and highly sattvic. Washes one’s energetic field, and soothes and heals a shattered soul force when mental and spiritual properties have become overly burdened. It also assists with negative “self-talk,” and encourages you to be in touch with Soul, knowing you are never alone on your healing journey. 

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