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This kit was created as a take home kit for Pancha Karma Clients  to continue healing their lungs following 5, 11, or 21 days of treatments. In cases of COPD, Chronic Asthma, or Emphysema, Pancha Karma is recommended.  The following 7 items have been chosen to give the quickest acting qualities to detox your lungs  and have been put together in a smaller sized convenient kit to save you both time and money.Pancha Karma Treatment, Diet, Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurvedic Herbs are all employed as a way to alleviate and cure the symptoms of lung disease. Contact Busy Day Go! for a more in depth treatment of lung disease.

Healthy Lungs Kit

  • 1. Healthy Lung Formula-Take 1 capsule at the very first sign of lung distress. Clears bronchial passages with 12 powerful Ayurvedic lung purifying herbs. This formula works to relieve phlegm by liquefying it, provides overall support of the respiratory function, helps maintain optimum bronchial effectiveness, promotes upper respiratory health while supporting the immune system
    2. COPD Chest Rub and vaporizer-Massaging the chest with this powerful combination of lung clearing essential oils before applying a Lepa Tarpana deeply heals and improves breathing. May also be used as a vapor.
    3. Lepa tarpana- One of Ayurveda's most healing Pancha Karma treatments. Ayurveda’s most important method for reducing inflammatory conditions. A warm medicated paste is made into a plaster and applied for up to 1 hour. Use with COPD Chest Rub.
    4. Healthy Lung Spray-Spray near face to benefit from the aromatherapy. Essential Oils proven to open airway passages and improve lung function.
    5. Nasya-nose drops. The nose is the “doorway” to the lungs. We inhale particles and particulates of toxins, dust, mold, spores with every breath. The application of nasya protects the lungs by keeping out those aggravators of lung tissue.
    6. Healthy Lung Tea- sip warm from a thermos throughout the day to clear and heal lung imbalances. Contains 6 powerful lung healing herbs including elderberry, ginger and orange peel.
    7. Healthy Lung Churna-Churna is a combination of healing spices applied to your food as spice therapy. A combination of 5 tasty healing spices to keep lungs open and breathing smooth.
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