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Granthi Serum applying a drop to affected area every morning will heal and shrink tumors. A unique blend of 7 essential oils macerated with Ayurvedic herbs that have been shown to stop the process of apoptosis by deactivating a protein nuclear factor Kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B cells. When this protein is inactive, Granthi cells stop repairing themselves and die. Allow serum to be absoprbed and then blot any excess to prevent staining of clothes Dupuytren Evening Magnesium Oil applying to masses in palm of hands nightly to shrink masses and heal Dupuytren's progression. 10 essential oils in a base of magnesium oil shown to alleviate the growth and progression of Arbuda. Apply every evening for 2-3 months and then wrap hands in hot towels or use before a full body steam.

Granthi Serum-Dupuytren Contracture

  • While the main treatment of this condition is in the form of oral medication, it can also be supplemented with localised therapy. This is done in the form of application of medicated oils, and herbal plasters, which can be followed up with medicated steam fomentation. Local therapy helps in bringing about relief from muscular spasm and pain, and delay the contracture process. Thickening and contracture of the connective tissue can also be directly treated with herbal medicines which are known to reduce fibrosis and help in the generation of normal tissue.

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