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Ayurvedic 10 day Ghee Ginger Cleanse 
improves agni as well as enhancing the body and mind
Excellent for diseases of the subtle tissues, nerves and mind, including many Vata problems such as arthritis, anxiety, nervousness, panic attacks, headache, foggy thinking, dizziness, heart palpitations or pain, constipation, and digestive complaints. It increases the power of vision and improves the voice. It is good for lung disorders and wasting dis-eases. It does not clog the liver, as do other oils and fats, but strengthens it. Start with ½ tsp in AM, build to 3tsp on day 5, then decrease dosage and end with ½ tsp day 10.

Ginger Ghee Cleanse

  • Most common Vata treatment includes Arthritis, Foggy thinking, heart palpitations, panic attacks, nervousness, coughs.
    Most common Pitta treatment includes, vision complaints, redness in eyes, memory loss, digestive disorders, liver congestion.
    Use sparingly for Kapha individuals or imbalances.
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