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In Ayurveda Kapha imbalances (grief, allergies, attachment,
sluggish nature, moodiness, excess weight) is pacified with
Garshana, a dry herbal massage. Performing a dry friction massage with this dry herbal powder is also a wonderful way to detoxify, renew skin cell production, and clean pores of debris.
Dry friction massage is stimulating to the senses, helps
with depression, strengthens the heart and aids immune function by increasing lymphatic flow. Massaging chest area and sniffing a small amount greatly reduces allergies.

Garshana Herb in a Shaker bottle

  • Blockage in the lymphatic system, energy centers, and emotions prevents proper nutrition from reaching the tissues and blocks the processes that cleanse them of impurities. This process can irritate the muscle tissue and nervous system control, resulting in excessive contraction activity and the symptoms of nervous debility, foggy thinking, adrenal fatigue, allergies, or irritable bowel disease. Gharsana helps relieve this toxic build up.
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