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In Ayurveda, endometriosis is believed to be the result of a Vata/Pitta imbalance. Uterine Fibroids is mainly a Kapha imbalance. These 2 conditions may appear together or separately. They have the same causal imbalance however; nervous system weakness and an excess of toxins. As toxins accumulate in reproductive tissue, the tissue becomes irritated and responds by building excess tissue. One wat to correct these imbalances is through spice therapy or Churna.

Endo Churna

  • Sprinkle on any food as you would salt and pepper. The combination of spices in this Churna are recommended to purify the reproductive system thus reducing one of the causes of endometriosis and fibroid growth. Churnas in general afford the body the 6 rasas (tastes) to stimulate nourishment in the brain
    thus pacifying all of the doshas, relieving cravings.
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