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An Early Spring Cleanse is now available at Busy Day Go! Ayurveda, April 19-21
Spring is the pefect time to cleanse! Shed the sluggishness of Winter Ayurveda offers gentle and time-tested methods for cleansing and resetting. An ayurvedic spring cleanse can be a fitting way to practice self-care and refresh your body and mind in preparation for the warmer months. Receive personalized guidance, yoga classes, healing diet, 
supplements, oils, Ayurvedic advice throughout. Give yourself the gift of health!

Early Spring Cleanse

  • Early Bird Special through April 5! Save $55

    Some of the benefits of this Spring Cleanse:

    balanced digestion

    a lighter sense of being

    improved sleep

    a clearer mental state

    a reduction in cravings

    improved skin clarity

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