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The marma points are the points where the three aspects of realization meet; the inner self, outer world, and between the two (knower, known and process of knowing). Therefore these are the junctions between the physical, astral and causal bodies. The marma points are of great importance to a person’s body, mind and spirit. These are the points where the spirit hinges the body. In crystals, atoms are arranged in specific symmetrical patterns forming distinct angles with harmonious interactive relationship. Pathogenic crystals form in various body parts: spleen, bones, serum, prostate, kidneys, and blood to mention some. Even liquid crystals of unresolved emotions are formed in deep connective tissue leading to stress and suppressed psycho-neuro immune response. Crystals that form in the body are considered micro-ama (toxins) by Ayurvedic experts. Crystal Marma Therapy using tuning fork vibrations will de-crystallize these toxic crystals that cause harmful pathological changes in organs, bones, muscles, etc. Vibration Therapy stimulates PRANA and new neuro-pathways of communication which may then unfold the inner pharmacy of Ayurveda. 

Crystal Marma Chikitsa Therapy- Gem Therapy-60 Min

  • With this treatment Inner Healing takes place readily and rapidly. Warm Essential Oils are used to stimulate each Marma Point before gems are placed on the body. The OHM tuning fork is then vibrated on front body Marmasi.
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