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Craniosacral therapy is a gentle but powerful modality that has proven beneficial for a variety of conditions – including headaches, whiplash,chronic pain, sinus conditions, IBS, anxiety, TMJ, autism, fertility issues, and more. It is a very gentle therapy using a light pressure on the bones of the cranium and sacrum. It has been developed from osteopathy using the tide or rhythm of the cerebral spinal fluid to help the body adjust the sutures of the skull and the bones of the sacrum. The client may remain fully clothed. Through the sessions a gentle unwinding occurs. A deep sense of peace and calm washes over the client as the body returns to a pre-traumatic state of being.

Craniosacral Therapy

  • "Unwinding" is the Cranial body's response to the sensation of movement felt in the tides of the cerebral spinal fluid.

    Therapists use an induction process to initiate unwinding in a client. The client responds to the induction with spontaneous bending, rotating, and twisting of the upper or lower limbs or the whole body in either a rhythmic or a chaotic pattern. This response can be thought of as a spontaneous expression of movement. The practitioner or osteopath may passively move a portion of the patient’s body to facilitate the body's natural response. The therapist gently supports the patient throughout the movement.

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