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Useful as hand sanitizer-Anti-viral, anti-bacterial
Clears headaches and helps to combat nervous
exhaustion and stress-related conditions. It is a
great overall tonic for the body, boosts PNS-a boon
when recovering from Illness. Useful in respiratory
infections sore throats, laryngitis and fever. Imparts
focus, gives energy, relieves symptoms of Jetlag.
Helps prevent spreading of infectious diseases.

Chumana Pulu Spray

  • Chumana Pulu has been recently tested and researched for it's ability to destroy antibiotic resistant infection. It has been proven to work against MRSA, Klebsiella and other strains of hospital induced infections. If you need to visit or stay in a hospital have this spray or the Chumana Pulu Oil on hand and use it freely.
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