When you are congested, feeling "under the weather", coughing, achy, sniffly, have a sore throat or can't sleep; massaging your chest, hands and feet with this organic special blend of 15 essential oils will do the trick! Use this specially blended organic formula to clear chest congestion and ease breathing. Apply directly to congested area or use as a therapeutic steam.

Chest Rub

  • It works fast to clear chest congestion, make breathing easier, stop the sniffles, unclog nasal passages, relieve headaches caused from sinus congestion, and help you sleep better. It relieves stress and is especially helpful in balancing heavy Kapha energies in late winter, early spring.

    Contains anti-viral, antibacterial, and bronchial relaxing essential oils in a base of pure organic tsubaki oil.

    Rub directly on congested area, or add 2 drops In hot water and steam face with a head covering. Massage a few drops on chest and throat before a hot steamy shower for extra relief.

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