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Many pains and illnesses have their root causes in the emotional distress that arises from the disunity of the body, mind and spirit. Healing the emotional body is the first step to insure long-term health on all levels. Cancer (Arbuda) is no different. Following pancha Karma, Busy Day Go! Ayurveda Anti-Cancer products work effectively on clearing, strengthening and balancing the energetic emotional body, or the Manamaya Kosha. When this energetic emotional body is balanced and strengthened, deep healing can occur on all levels.

Anti-Cancer Serum

  • Cancer is seen as all 3 Doshas out of balance or deranged. Cancer (Arbudha) is described mainly as an impurity in the blood. The essential oils and Ayurvedic herbs used in this uniquely prepared serum addresses this disconnect, impurity and imbalance
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