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A special blend of 6 powerful blood purifiers that remove natural 
toxins from the blood, lymph and liver. Helps the body detoxify with herbs that purify the blood and encourage elimination by way of the GI tract. These herbs also work to support the natural healing process.

Anti-Cancer Blood Cleanse

  • Anti-Cancer Blood Cleanse
    1-3 capsules daily Ayurvedic knowledge about diet is quite extensive and patients should follow a diet appropriate to their prakruti and vikruti. Conventional wisdom teaches us that certain foods should be emphasized and others avoided. Cancer patients should avoid all processed, genetically engineered foods, refined sugars, and foods that contain additives. These foods are tamasic in nature and, according to Ayurveda, clog the channels and upset normal bodily functions. Patients should also avoid overeating. Following the accepted Ayurvedic guidelines for healthy eating include saying grace before eating, avoiding too much water with meals, chewing food properly, combining foods appropriately, and resting for a while after eating. Proper food choices are essential to normalize digestion and prevent the formation of ama. Water taken throughout the day should be as pure as possible. The exact diet a patient with cancer should follow depends upon their prakruti, vikruti, ama, agni, and ojas. This supplement is recommended to my patients after undergoing extensive Pancha Karma therapy and life style changes.
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