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Signs of adrenal fatigue caused mainly by stress, doing too much, pushing yourself too hard and basically deranging the balance of Vata and Kapha in body-mind are
Decreased sex drive
Trouble with sleep
Irritability, mood swings
Blood pressure changes (especially high blood pressure abnormally becoming low)
Digestive changes
Weight fluctuations
Chronic pain
Changes in the menstrual cycle
Slow healing from injuries and bruises

Massage across lower back to help maintain homeostasis of Vata-Kapha, normal adrenal function, improve immune system and emotional health.

Adrenal Support Serum

  • This formula containing 10 essential oils in a base of Punarnava-Ashwagandha Oil. These herbs and essential oils have been shown to treat anxiety, high stress, depression, weight gain, the feeling of overwhelm, exhaustion and insomnia.

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