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Does your skin appear lifeless and dull? Busy Day Go! Ayurveda's Medicated Sesame oil (Abhyanga) is the perfect remedy to restore your skin's natural luster and youthful sheen. Make this superb skin tonic an essential part of your daily beauty and skin/hair care routine. For best results warm the oil and massage it into your skin. When performing abhyanga, use long strokes on your limbs and circular motions on your joints. Your self massage will not only nurture your body and mind, you will also experience benefits such as: 
Improved circulation, increased blood flow
Lymphatic stimulation which aids detoxification
Reduced pain and stiffness of muscles
Calm mind and nervous system, reduced mental stress
Comfort and relaxation
Improved sleep patterns
Enhanced self image and a feeling of well-being
Improved body awareness
Decreased effects of aging, soft and lustrous skin
improve collagen production and elasticity
Coating your skin with sesame oil locks in moisture.
Provides a natural barrier against drying weather elements.
Massage directly stimulates and cleanses internal organs

Abhyanga (Medicated) Daily Morning Massage

  • Instructions for Abhyanga

    Warm the oil by placing the bottle in a hot cup of water for 10 minutes. (never place in microwave, this is energetic medicine!)
    Massage warmed oil into the skin beginning at the head, scalp, face, ears, back of the neck and continue down the body.
    Use long strokes on arms and legs and circular strokes on joints.
    Pay particular attention to hands and feet and nail beds.
    Prayer or chanting will hasten and deepen the benefits.
    Leave oil on for at least 10 minutes and follow with a warm bath or shower.
    Use Busy Day Go! Ayurveda Dosha Calming non soap cleanser only on areas of the body that really need it (the herbs in the oils are cleansing so soap is not necessary and non-soap cleanser will keep the drains from clogging over time).
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