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Even 1 Day of Pancha Karma will begin a deep Purification process. Shodhana is a special form of elimination therapy. It is the elimination of the disease-causing Doshas. Pancha Karma Therapy is a system for guiding toxins to their site of elimination. Merely to flush out various organs or systems of the body may not be effective, if the toxins have not been first directed to these sites. Pancha Karma is applied to prevent Doshas from accumulating as part of a health maintenance and longevity promotion treatment. PK essentially reverses the disease process. Owing to the subtle nature of it’s process PK penetrates deep into the nervous system. To obtain optimum results a specific diet is followed for a few days prior to treatment and treatments are given in a particular order in this special "Royal Pancha Karma", depending on pulse, face and tongue diagnosis Rejuvenation of the mind (Brahma Rasayana) post treatment; is perhaps the oldest and most important part of Ayurvedic Therapy. Meditation, pranayama, chanting, and spending time in silence is an important part of the treatment as it is believed in yoga that all disease arise from the mind. Therefore it is important that you choose a time that you will be able to spend in quiet reflection, meditation, and relaxation to achieve optimum results. 

1 Day of Pancha Karma

  • Based on your specific needs and goals, Guru Ravi will custom-tailor your Pancha Karma 1 Day Retreat for you including:
    Royal Panchakarma:Shirodhara, Marma Point Crystal Treatment, Abhyanga, Herbal Swedana (steam bath), and Heart Lepa Tarpana.
    A special Diet will be lovingly prepared for you
    Pulse Reading and Tongue Diagnosis
    Dosha Assessment
    Urine analysis
    Ayurvedic Yoga
    Meditation Instruction
    Pranayama (breathing techniques)
    Herbal Medicine

    Guru Ravi looks forward to talking with you and supporting you through your Panchakarma experience!

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