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Held beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, emotions and subconscious patterns are played out again and again in a Karmic Way. It is through relationship that we see ourselves and our karma clearly. Intense emotions that arise through relationships signal that there is underlying subconscious programming that lead to unwanted behaviors. In Ayurveda and Yoga we look at this patterning as Samskaras. These patterns may be so deep that you feel helpless to change them.

Working with Guru Ravi Kaur in a Spiritual Healing Session may include any or all of the following healing modalities:
Kundalini Yoga, Soul Healing, Mantra, Gong Sound Therapy, Pranayama, and/or Herbal therapy suggestions. You will be heard in a deep non judgmental way. You will be guided slowly using these Ayurvedic & Yogic tools into the realization of your own Soul's deep love for you, as you clear the patterns that no longer serve you. This is an amazing discovery and a truly transformational one! During these sessions you will be guided to deeply love and forgive yourself which will lead you to a life of commitment, happiness, health, and spiritual wholeness.

Spiritual Healing Session

  • If you would like to book more than 1 session contact Guru Ravi to arrange your healing sessions series special pricing.
    Each session lasts from 30-40 minutes.
    $60/session for 3 sessions booked and paid for within a week's time
    (most find a need for more sessions at the beginning tapering off to 1-2 sessions monthly as the healing through your individually prescribed treatments begins to unfold your true self)
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