This very popular cleanse is being offered again...Shodhana or purification in the form of a Panchakarma!
We will explore and practice the 3 stages of a PK Purva, Pancha, and Uttara. This cleanse is more suited to those that have taken cleanses before and are ready for the “next level”, yet all can greatly benefit and heal with this very unique cleanse. Pancha Karma is strongly recommended in the Spring and again in the Fall to keep your health vibrant and take care of any pre-disease conditions in the early stages. In person Pancha Karma administered by a practiced and trained practitioner is the preferred method but I have been able to devise a close substitute that still offers a great amount of healing and purification in this "at Home" very inexpensive mini-panchakarma.



  • I will guide you through the 3 stages of Purification and send you all of the products you will need for this healing journey, including the materials for Panchakarma treatments that I will teach you how to use for yourself to bring about optimal healing. You will have diagnostics conducted throughout the PK and your treatments and diet will be customized specifically for your imbalances based on diagnostics and your Medical Birth Chart reading. This is a very unique opportunity to receive a Shodana without travel or the expense of a hotel room.
    A 5 Day PK costs $2495, but you can receive this 5 Day “Mini-Pancha Karma” including kicheree, ginger ghee, yogi tea, oils, 24 treatments, herbs and present doshic imbalance analysis ALL for the very low price of $495! THAT, my friends, is quite a deal!
    The 3 stages of the Cleanse:
    Purva Karma (or pre-karma) refers to the preparation of the body for Ayurvedic panchakarma therapy. Unique to Ayurveda is the process of completely expelling toxins from the body. First through palliation and purification toxins in the body are loosened. Purva karma is necessary for the body to achieve the complete benefits of PK.
    Pancha Karma refers to treatments designed to remove this Ama, a bodily by-product of inadequate digestion that accumulates in the digestive tract and then overflows into other internal systems. By disturbing the balance of our internal environment, excessive ama makes us vulnerable to diseases. You will eat a special diet and take specific herbs to aid this process while receiving a specific combination of the various oil and heat therapies individualized for each person’s unique constitution and health concerns. The combination of these therapies loosens the toxins and brings them to the digestive tract for elimination.
    Uttara Karma: After PK treatments are completed, the next step is rebuilding tissues damaged by dis-ease, giving them a new level of strength and purity. Deeper tissue rejuvenation is the basis of the Ayurvedic approach to longevity. This is seen as the most important type of rejuvenation because it works on ojas (our life “sap”)
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