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Working with Guru Ravi Kaur in a Relationship Healing Session will include use of Kundalini Yoga, Conscious Communication work, Pranayama, and the practice of being heard in a deep non judgmental way. You will both be guided slowly using these Yogic tools into the realization of your own Soul's deep love for you, as you clear the patterns that no longer serve you. During these sessions you will be guided to deeply love and forgive yourself and remember the reasons you chose your partner.  This work is designed to lead to a life of deeper commitment, happiness, health, and spiritual wholeness.

Contact Guru Ravi to arrange your healing sessions.

Each session lasts from 30-40 minutes.


$50/session for 3 sessions booked within a week's time

Guru Ravi Kaur MS, RYT, RMT, Ayurvedic Product Formulator/Practitioner/ Nutritionist

Intuitive Guidance for Healing Deep Emotional Wounds in Relationships

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