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Receive an Ayurvedic Consultation and Medical Analysis plus a day of Pancha Karma at a savings of over $100. This specially designed package will bring the most concentrated efforts of purification therapy in the shortest time possible. A must for busy executives and moms on the go! De- stress, heal and emerge completely relaxed with a sandalwood infused Abhyanga body massage, Padabhyanga hot stone foot & lower leg massage, an Indian head massage, and Geeva Basti. Complete your deep healing and pampering with a detoxifying herbal steam. Limited time offer.

Ayurvedic Consultation & 1 Day of Pancha Karma

  • In your Ayurvedic Consultation the predominant dosha and current condition will be assessed. Information, discussions, and recommendations to keep your dosha type in balance will be provided. Includes Pulse and Tongue Reading-nadi pariksha and Urinalysis.
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