The number 1 cause of a poorly operating lymphatic system is STRESS. We have all been under incredible stress these past several months and that takes a tremendous toll on all bodily and mental functions , especially the lymphatic system!
Similar to the way your blood circulatory system delivers nutrients and oxygen to all cells of the body, the lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels that branch through all parts of the body to circulate important bodily fluid and defend against infection. When functioning well, the lymphatic system helps keep the body's needs in balance, but when things go wrong, disorders of immunity, digestion, adrenals, sleep, and the internal organs can result.

A 5 Day, 3 Phase Lymphatic Adrenal Cleanse

  • This supervised Lymphatic detox creates a gentle detoxification of the adrenals, lymph nodes, body and emotions. Receive well over $180 worth of Busty Day Go! Ayurveda healing products to build immune function and aid in the detoxification process. Healing Teas, tonics, staple food, spices, oils and sprays along with delicious and nutritious recipes to relieve lymphatic stagnation. Garsana herb is also included. Garsana is a dry friction massage technique which is stimulating to the senses to help with depression, strengthen the heart, and aid immunity by increasing lymphatic flow.
    As an additional bonus enjoy Yoga classes that will be teaching you ways to get deeper sleep, renew the nervous system, relieve stress and repair the adrenals..
    Order before November 7 to receive you package of goodies in plenty of time!

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